Optifog Lenses

Optifog Lenses

If you’re a spectacle wearer you’ve probably had some experience of your glasses steaming up or fogging. This can be a major inconvenience as we rely on instant vision at all times.

Fog is everywhere…

  • When we suddenly move from cold to hot environments – getting in and out of cars, visiting the shops
  • Inside our homes – having a hot drink, cooking or opening the dishwasher
  • During outdoor activities – such as running, cycling or tennis
  • At work – in environments where precision and safety are a priority.

…But not on Optifog Lenses!

Optifog lenses from Essilor deliver unique lens technology that gives long lasting fog free vision. Simply apply the special Activator to your Optifog lenses and fog will be prevented from appearing for up to one week.

Ask in practice for more details.