Sacha and Giles launch the HeadSmart Partnership

Haine & Smith joins forces with The Brain Tumour Charity to promote HeadSmart

Haine & Smith is the first optical group in the UK to pledge its support for the HeadSmart campaign by displaying symptom cards and encouraging staff to be brain tumour aware.

Brain tumours kill more children in the UK than any other type of cancer.

HeadSmart was launched in 2011 after concerns were raised by health professionals and the public about the length of time it took to diagnose brain tumours in children and young people in the UK.

The campaign has already produced impressive results, with average diagnosis times dropping from 9.1 weeks to 6.7 weeks since its launch. That reduction is saving children’s lives and reducing long-term disabilities.

Rachel Wheeler, Marketing Manager at Haine & Smith, says: “As an optician, Haine & Smith is well placed to support the fantastic work The Brain Tumour Charity is doing with the HeadSmart campaign. Some of the most common symptoms of brain tumours include abnormal eye movements, blurred or double vision and persistent headaches.”

Giles Smith, Partner at Haine & Smith adds: “Many people think an eye test is only about how well you can see, but it is also an important health check which can lead to the diagnosis of a wide range of conditions.  A child is never too young to have their eyes examined and I would urge anyone concerned to see an optician.”

Sarah Lindsell, Chief Executive of The Brain Tumour Charity, says: “We are proud to welcome Haine & Smith as our first optical partner for this campaign to help us raise awareness across the UK. We see first hand the heartbreak caused by the diagnosis of a brain tumour in a child. When the diagnosis is delayed the results can be devastating.”

Sacha Langton-Gilks from Dorset lost her son David (known as DD) to a brain tumour when he was just 16. She says: “If an optician spots raised brain pressure in a child, he or she will be sent for an urgent scan and seen by specialists. There will be no wait for a GP’s referral. Opticians are in the front line for getting our children to the right doctors faster.”