RGP Lenses

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Fitting Rigid Gas Permeable Contact lenses (RGP) is really an art form, not just a science. Many opticians try to avoid this type of lens as they require more time in practice to fit and can take a little longer than soft lenses for the wearer to get used to. However, they also provide a number of great advantages for long-term wear and certain visual conditions. This is why at Haine & Smith our specialist Contact Lens Opticians fit a large number of  RGP wearers.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact lenses offer:

  • Crisp vision
  • Benefits for high prescriptions and astigmatism
  • Easy care and handling
  • Deposit resistance
  • Excellent eye health
  • Great value

Gas Permeable contact lenses are made of a firm, durable plastic and are often prescribed to patients when clear vision cannot be achieved with a soft contact lens. Today, they are much more comfortable than the ‘hard’ contacts prescribed in the past. The newer gas permeable material allows oxygen to be delivered to the cornea and provides crisp, clear vision with a customized fit.

Normally for daily wear and replaced yearly, RGP lenses are removed at night for cleaning and storing using the solutions recommended by your practitioner. Unlike soft lenses which contain water, RGP lenses resist deposits and are less likely to harbour bacteria so offer excellent eye health.

Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses are available in an extensive range of materials, fittings, powers and designs including:

Rigid Gas Permeable lenses start from just £5.00 per month when bought alongside our comprehensive Vision Plan scheme.  

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