Many people that experience visual stress or discomfort when reading may have subtle vision problems which can prevent them from achieving their full potential at school or work. Often, these problems will only be detected through a series of specialised assessments and techniques outside the scope of a routine eye test.  There is where Haine & smith’s Vision Training clinic and Colorimetry Clinic can help.

For those who find a colour overlay helpful, we are also able to use a special instrument called a colorimeter, to accurately select the exact colour needed for tinted spectacle lenses.

Tinted spectacles are usually found to be of even more benefit than an overlay because the lens shade is measured so precisely. The colorimeter is able to select the exact tint required from a range of over 110,000 shades and is specific to each individual.

Wearing appropriately tinted lenses will make reading easier and more comfortable and may also be of benefit to people who suffer from migraine and photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Vision Training and Colorimetry Clinics are currently available at Chippenham and Regent Street, Swindon .

Your Experiences

“Our son was diagnosed with dyslexia a year ago and it was recommended that we should see whether visual stress had anything to do with his difficulties in reading. The difference between having a no colour screen and his particular shade of green was very dramatic. We have purchased glasses to help him in the classroom, using the whiteboard and in the ITC suite and his confidence has certainly increased. There is still a way to go, but the colorimetry assessment has been a great help and I would recommend it to any parent in our situation.”

Reverend Philip Bromley

“I visited your Chippenham branch for a Colorimetry assessment and a Vision Training consultation and in terms of customer service the quality was exceptional! Clearly your staff take a lot of pride in their jobs. I am absolutely delighted with the glasses I was sold;  the difference they are having on my life is making me feel very happy.”  

LS, Chippenham patient

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