vision training

Vision Training

Many children and adults who have reading or specific learning difficulties have subtle visual problems, which may prevent them from achieving their full potential at school or work. Often, these problems will only be detected through a series of specialised tests and techniques, which are outside the scope of a routine eye examination.

These visual problems may cause symptoms such as sore eyes or headaches when reading, poor concentration or even avoiding reading altogether.

In our Vision Training Clinic, we investigate eye movement skills, focusing speed and accuracy, and the ability of the eyes to work well together. Any slight imbalance or weakness of the eye muscles can result in visual difficulty and/or discomfort. If appropriate, we may recommend a series of simple eye exercises to improve eye muscle control.

The other area we investigate is the use of coloured plastic overlays, which can be placed over text when reading. The use of colour has been shown to reduce symptoms such as glare from the page, moving letters, and flickering shapes or colours.

Research has found that one in five children will demonstrate an improvement in reading speed through the use of a coloured overlay.

If  a coloured overlay is of benefit you may also be interested in Colorimetry

Vision Training and Colorimetry Clinics are currently available at  Chippenham and Regent Street, Swindon . However, it may be possible to arrange an appointment at another of our practices.

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