The Vision Plan

Wearing contact lenses is now more affordable and easier than ever. Unlike other contact lens plans, the Haine & Smith Vision Plan charges you separately for professional care and lenses so there are no hidden costs.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3...

Vision Plan fee (£11.90) + Lens cost (£6.50*) = Monthly Direct Debit (£18.40**)


The £11.90 Vision Plan Aftercare fee includes:

  • All contact lens check-ups (normally £49.90)
  • A full eye examination every 2 years (normally £36.90)
  • 25% discount on complete glasses
  • 10% discount on accessories
  • A free pair of glasses every 2 years worth £80.00

For those eligible for a free NHS eye examination, including full time students under 19, the monthly Vision Plan fee is the reduced price of £10.90.


The cost of your lenses:

  • The cost of your lenses will depend on the type you wear
  • Our daily disposable lenses start from £6.50 per month*


Your monthly Direct Debit payment:

  • One easy manageable amount
  • No hidden charges

Please note that patients are required to pay a 3 month initial fee when signing up to the Haine & Smith Vision Plan.
*Our daily disposables start at £6.50 per month for 12 pairs.
** Monthly direct debit amounts will vary for other lenses, if more pairs are purchased and for lenses that require cleaning solutions. An up to date sight test may be required before commencing a contact lens trial. Please contact your nearest practice for details.

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