A quarter of glasses being sold online through budget retailers are faulty, according to a consumer watchdog.

A quarter of glasses being sold online through budget retailers are faulty, according to a consumer watchdog. In September 2019, a Which? investigation found that seven of the 26 pairs of glasses it purchased from online shops did not meet British standards. Some were deemed 'unusable' due to their poor quality, terrible construction and being made with inaccurate or just the ‘average’ facial measurements.

How average are you? We are all unique and this is why things like clothing and shoes come in multiple sizes.

If you require varifocal lenses (which includes corrections for distance, intermediate and reading) it is vital that the exact positions of horizontal and vertical eye alignment are measured with you wearing the frame. Online retailers ask you to provide these measurements yourself which could be very unsafe, as badly positioned varifocal lenses could cause the wearer to experience vision distortion increasing the risk of falling and could be dangerous when driving.

Would you measure yourself for personalised products such as dentures? Or go to an expert who has trained to provide you with the best fitting & safe product.

Haine & Smith Opticians and their team of qualified professionals, find this deeply frustrating because we care for our patients and our core aim is to be the most trusted optician who goes further than any other in providing visual advice, help and solutions to our patients. Visiting a high street optician like Haine & Smith also ensures you have access to on-going aftercare, which includes anything from adjustments or repairs to discussing concerns about their vision.

Optometrist and Head of Clinical and Regulatory at the Association of Optometrists: “You’re less likely to have problems with your glasses if you buy them from the practice which did your sight test. This is because you can discuss your particular needs with optical professionals who know about your eyes and are experts on which frames and lenses suit your prescription and lifestyle. With more complex prescriptions, it’s especially important to ensure that accurate measurements are taken to properly centre the lenses for your eyes, as this helps ensure your vision is as clear as possible, and the glasses don’t cause eyestrain or headaches.”

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