Wearing a mask is now commonplace and, in many cases, a legal requirement in the UK.

While many people have adjusted to this new normal, those with glasses have probably had the dreaded ‘fog up’. That moment where you breath out and your glasses go from help to hindrance.

What is causing the fog-up?

The simple answer is your breath coming in contact with your lenses. This is often caused by your breath escaping the from the top of your mask or face covering. The science behind it is fairly simple. Your warm breath comes in contact with your colder lenses, which causes the lenses to cool that exhale and take on any moisture.

How can I prevent this?

We have put together some great and simple solutions to help prevent this.

Fit your mask

Each of us has a uniquely shaped face, meaning we need to make sure that we have fitted the mask correctly. Many masks come with features that are designed to help fit them to your face.

  • Adjustable ear loops: If you feel your mask is too loose and keeps slipping, adjust the ear loops to make the mask sit better on your face.
    • If you do not have adjustable ear loops, try twisting the ear loops into an x shape (like you would a rubber band) to help make it fit better.

  • Nose wire: Some masks will come with a bendable metal wire that can be bent around your nose to help keep the mask in place. Make sure you have pinched this nose wire into place around the shape of your face. Sometimes a few extra seconds of getting this right will save you a lot of trouble.

  • The right shape and fabric:It is important to choose the right mask for your face. Having a solid fabric mask and a beard will often cause the mask to move about. While having a concertina mask will allow you to talk and gives the mask flexibility to expand without moving about. Your mask should also feel comfortable on your face and not cause your skin to be irritated.

Keep Your Glasses Clean

Even with all the above tips, there are times where you (may still experience) fog ups. Keeping your glasses clean will help speed up the return from fog to clear. We recommend you use a good spray and glasses cloth regularly.

Anti-Fog Wipes

If no matter what you do, you are still having problems with fog ups. We do have a great solution for you. Anti-Fog wipes. They prevent the build-up of moisture on lenses. You can find these on our web store and have them delivered directly to your door. Click here to be taken to the store to purchase some.

Contact Lenses

While swapping to contact lenses may seem like an extreme option. Many of our patients have expressed interest in this due to the nature of their work. If you think this might be the right option for you, contact your local practice today.

Mask Associated Dry Eye

New research from the Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) published in August is showing that an unfortunate side effect of incorrectly wearing masks is causing an increase in the number of people experiencing dry eyes1.

With masks becoming very much a normal part of our lives, it is important to correctly fit your mask for your health and the health of others. CORE has given a very simple solutions to help prevent mask associated dry eye.

Mask Associated Dry Eye Infographic


1. Moshirfar , M., West, W.B. & Marx, D.P. Face Mask Associated Ocular Irritation and Dryness. Ophthalmol Ther (2020). [Online]. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1007/s40123-020-00282-6 [Accessed on: September 20 2020].

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