An eye opening day at Staverton School

As part of National Eye Health Week from Monday 21 – Sunday 27 September, Haine & Smith sent Dispensing Optician David Sawyer back to the classroom.

During his visit to Staverton Church of England Primary School near Trowbridge, David taught pupils about the anatomy of eyes and what they can do to keep them healthy. In addition to protecting our eyes from the sun, eating well and keeping fit, he explained that a regular check-up is essential.

Lucy Hannaford, PSHE Co-ordinator for the school said: “The children really enjoyed the talk and thanks to David now have a much greater appreciation of just how amazing their eyes are. Plus, the children all went away with a goody bag so hopefully this will help prompt some eyecare conversations at home too.”

David explained: “It’s unusual for children to complain about their vision yet according to the Eyecare Trust 1 in 5 children have an undetected problem with their vision which can restrict them from reaching their full visual, learning and social potential. I think many families put off going to the optician because they worry it will be expensive, however children under 16 are entitled to a free NHS sight test and a voucher towards the cost of any glasses or contact lenses prescribed.”

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