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Haine & Smith Opticians are proud to supply ZEISS UVProtect Lenses, the latest technology innovation from ZEISS. These award winning lenses have been named by the Association of Optometrists as Product of the Year and are shortlisted for Optician Lens Product of the Year 2019.

ZEISS UVProtect Technology, provide full UV protection (up to 400 nm) for the eyes and surrounding skin in all clear ZEISS plastic lenses(1). This is the same as sunglass-level UV protection, but in a clear lens.

Current industry standards only require clear lenses to provide UV protection up to 380 nm, however, approximately 40% of UV radiation in daylight occurs between 380 to 400 nm. In particular, these long UV waves penetrate more deeply into the skin’s tissue, making them a potential risk factor for various eye health issues. This means, up until now, most clear lenses fall short of fully protecting a person's eye from UV radiation up to 400 nm(2).

ZEISS UVProtect Lenses have been widely accepted and endorsed by the UK optical market and by UK patients. Launched in April 2018, the technology was extensively promoted by celebrity doctor Pixie McKenna who commented: “The ability to effortlessly protect our health is truly exciting!”

To effortlessly protect your eyes, come in to see us at your local Haine & Smith Opticians today.

(1). Full UV protection on all ZEISS clear, plastic lenses, UVProtect Technology will be available in ZEISS bifocal lenses in April 2019.
(2). Almost two thirds of daylight UV radiation lies in wavelengths not fully blocked by the most common clear spectacle lens material, ZEISS White Paper.
Approximately 50% of lenses sold worldwide are 1.5 index with an approximate maximum cut-off of 355nm. World lens and frame demand study 2016, SWV Strategy with Vision.

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