Great Frame Designs

Glasses provide more than just vision correction, they are also the ultimate fashion accessory. At Haine & Smith our friendly dispensing opticians are on hand to help you choose your perfect look.

Jensen JN8838 C2

Jensen JN8862 C2

Lacoste L2217 414

Lacoste L2236 045

Lacoste L2237 002

Lacoste L2244 035

Lacoste L2245 315

Lacoste L2252 001

Lacoste L2692 414

Lacoste L2705 215

Lacoste L2707 035

Lacoste L2707 421

Lacoste L2829 035

Lacoste L2832 210

Lacoste L2840 001

Lacoste L2841 210

Lacoste L2842 024

Lacoste L2845 424

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