Great Frame Designs

Glasses provide more than just vision correction, they are also the ultimate fashion accessory. At Haine & Smith our friendly dispensing opticians are on hand to help you choose your perfect look.

060 Mai-Zee C.1 52x17

061 Mai-Zee C.1 52x15

065 Mai-Zee C.2 49x19

067 Mai-Zee C.2 53x16

069 Mai-Zee C.1 50x16

070 Mai-Zee C.1 52x16

071 Mai-Zee C.2 53x16

38 Superlite C.25 53x19

Airlock Dignity 203 301

Airlock Essence 205 300

Airlock Grace 203 530

Basebox BB6053 C2

Basebox BB6059 C1

Basebox BB6622 C2

Bollé Grace 11650

Bollé Molly 11518

Bollé Tempest 11485

Calvin Klein CK18108 001

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